My name is Tom Grant and I would very much like you to come and join me on my journey. I am based at a yard near Chippenham in Wiltshire and I am in the unique position to be able to offer you a collection of choices to become part of my world.

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We arrived up at Larkhill in beautiful sunshine, and sat on the ramp thinking what a wonderful sport we partake in :}. Shame it didn’t last very long, did show jumping in sideways rain , and it was freezing. Still all went almost according to plan. Chesney ¬†competing in the 100 came out for his 2nd ever event in his life and did a very neat dressage test for a rather mean 33 we thought [could have been a 30] then did a super double clear . What a star. Easy, straight forward and fun. Hunter ¬†in the Novice rode in really well and much more grown up for his dressage and then just tightened up in the arena also for a 33 then we had to wait for ages in the freezing rain for him to show jump and he got it wrong, [back to the drawing board!], but he was a star xc so all was forgiven [well almost].