My name is Tom Grant and my ambition is to be an Olympic three day event rider.

I have been riding since I was 7 but have been around horses since before I can remember. This is because my mother, Brigid Grant, has in the past taught many of our top class Event riders of the 80’s, starting with Lucinda Green. As you can imagine this helps me massively.

My first serious memories of riding are in the hunting field being one of those tedious children who get in the way and jump in front of you. Also going lickity split up and down that Prince Philip games field for my pony club “The Mendip Farmers Hunt” Branch. For these activities I borrowed a great collection of ponies from Burcott Riding Centre where I worked in return for rides.

I then got into Eventing, I started with my 15 hh hunting pony doing all the local Pony Club events and finishing up that year in the National Novice Pony Club Team. My real trouble was that I  kept on growing! This meant that we had to keep on moving onto the next size up, buying and selling got to be quite a regular occurrence and this of course gave me masses of practice on a wide variety of different horses.

By the age of 14 I was doing my first Open Pony Club, and BE Novices, this was on a horse owned by my very first Owner, Kate Medlicott, he was a fabulous school master to take me round my first Novice tracks. This same year I started riding Conor for his then Owner, Ashley Gibbons, our hunt secretary.

The 2010 season has been Amazing! Conor has been a star. All of the results speak for themselves apart from the couple of events we withdrew from because of hard ground. Weston Park was of course a huge disappointment. If I had known a week before that I was going to be second I would have been over the moon, but to lose it through an error of my own was devastating.

Still, life goes on you should never look backwards and always look onwards and upwards. This came true, two weeks later we went on to win our first Intermediate at Aldon International. What a brilliant way to end our season.

2011 was a definite learning curve, Conor and I were put forward for the Junior European training list and so started our GB team introduction. We did lots of training and had to compete under the eagle eye of the selectors ! Still all went well with good results meaning we were still there and on for team selection and a visit to Portugal when disaster struck at the final trial and conor came out the next day lame. Earlier in the year Mrs Warwick-Pendarves bought an Irish mare for me to ride. She is called Leamhchoill Drifter aka Nancy. She had already done lots of Novice classes in Ireland and we hope to take her up to Intermediate soon.  What alot we learnt that year.

2012. I went to work for William Fox-Pitt. I took Nancy with me and we both learnt the meaning of working hard. I think I learnt rather quicker than she did, and she threw her toys out at one point , but she then settled down and we finished the year on a definite high with a top 3 placing in the National Young Rider Championships at Weston Park.

2013. Still at the Fox-Pitt yard, this time with both my horses. Still taking in lots of information, still lots to learn . Having both horses here makes the days very long but it is great to have Conor back in action. William took him up to London to do a demonstration event on him and he behaved beautifully. { I do hope he goes that well for me soon}. Nancy aiming for Young Rider Team , Conor running catch-up.Both horses competed well through the year with some super days and impressive results. Annoyingly just missed out again on YR Team  BUT did my and nancy first 3* at Blair, she was a star.  Onwards and upwards for next year.

2014. Left the Fox-Pitts as planned at the end of last season and am now with Pippa and William Funnell. Lots of youngsters to ride, very different system. Again lots to learn.