We arrived up at Larkhill in beautiful sunshine, and sat on the ramp thinking what a wonderful sport we partake in :}. Shame it didn’t last very long, did show jumping in sideways rain , and it was freezing. Still all went almost according to plan. Chesney  competing in the 100 came out for his 2nd ever event in his life and did a very neat dressage test for a rather mean 33 we thought [could have been a 30] then did a super double clear . What a star. Easy, straight forward and fun. Hunter  in the Novice rode in really well and much more grown up for his dressage and then just tightened up in the arena also for a 33 then we had to wait for ages in the freezing rain for him to show jump and he got it wrong, [back to the drawing board!], but he was a star xc so all was forgiven [well almost].


We have just had a lovely day up at WEST WILTS doing some straight dressage for a change and all the boys were good. STAN our resident dressage star outdid himself with 2 wins and the best marks of the show. Then GUSS surprised us all and was 2nd behind Stan with a lovely 70+% test. HUNTER also seems to be finally getting the hang of this dressage lark with a 4th and a WIN and CHESNEY who is of course our SJ star did really well getting his act in gear, keeping the correct shape and movement in between the boards just not  yet looking as though he is enjoying doing it !


We have just had the most lovely day up at MENDIP PLAINS doing BS show jumping . 3 clear rounds from the boys !! Stan first who was a little star and did a lovely clear round over a very twisty spooky course. Then Chesney zoomed round the 1.05 class and just loved it also a clear round and he was 3rd [ note to self . Must either go faster or turn tighter !] Then Guss jumped a lovely clear in the 1.05 too so a good day had by all.


A full lorry again and off down the road to West Wilts to have a go at the trotting around bit. GUSS came out for his 1st ever show/outing and behaved brilliantly. He was an absolute angel, trotted and cantered around without a care in the world and did his 1st ever dressage test. Good Boy. Then out came Hannah Francis’ CHESNEY and he, I think got out of bed on the wrong side this morning ! He was really nice at times but very inconsistent . Annoying but that’s horses for you. Then STAN got his turn and was a star. He says he knows how to do dressage shows and he went and WON the long arena class, beating Hannah’s mare MAVIS into 2nd place . Then HUNTER came out and with not really enough riding in time did a very soft test for 4th place. Good boy too.


Well its all systems go now. A full lorry to summerhouse to go showjumping. STAN up first to go to his first ever jumping show. Riding in area a bit frightening with young horses going every which way but he coped . Went in and was as good as gold had a few down but only when his eye caught something amazing. But a lovely rhythm and no spooks. Good Boy. Then came CHESNEY who jumped a lovely double clear in the 1.05 and was 7th. Then jumped in his 1st ever 1.10 and had a pole but jumped really well. Then HUNTER who was trying out a new bit and went well nice and settled with a pole in each class. CONOR then came out for the 1.20 and 1.25. We did not have enough time to warm up for the first class which was a shame but he jumped a super double clear in the 1.25. I am so pleased with him. It was the first round of show jumps any of us had done this year and I was pleased with the boys.